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We at Advanced Automation' focus on IT technology for Dental Practices. Our services include workstations, x-ray machines, encryption and HIPAA compliance. We also do office security, indoor and outdoor.

Let us help you improve your business

We can help you improve your practice by making your technology reliable and faster.

Need to update your Network?

From new computers, wireless printers and wifi. We can install, configure and maintain everything you need to run a successful practice.

Are you secure?

We offer a free HIPAA scan and compliance plan that will help you stay on track in the fast paced dental technology environment.

How the cloud is taking Dentistry by storm

Paper files are becoming extinct, now everything is being stored in the cloud. This is a great cheap option for most dentists and more secure. The thing about dental evolution is if you don't evolve you slowly become extinct.

Advanced Automation can help you keep up with today's changes in technology without breaking your budget. Not only can we create and install it for you, we can train you and your staff to operate it. If you ever run into any trouble give us a call 800-942-4043.

A great thing about the cloud is you can access it from anywhere from almost any device and more technology is cloud compatible every day. We can help you understand the cloud and show you how we can encrypt it to protect patient PCI. Storing files off site is not only safer but can be tied into your natural disaster plan as well.

Technology for Dentists

As software and hardware upgrade you have to stay on top of your practice management system to keep it working correctly. You need to know the pros and cons of purchasing new technology and if it is the right decision for your practice.

Does your staff know what to do if your x-ray machine goes out or one of your hard drives crash? That is where Advanced Automation Inc. can help. We can set you up with a monthly maintenance plan to make sure your practice is streamline.

We help you keep your technology running while integrate new technology that will make your practice more cost efficient. Our job is to save you money.

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Advanced Automation strives to provide the best comprehensive IT, Computer, and Networking services to small businesses. We can handle all of your organization's technology challenges.

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